Hi there,

We're emigrating to Japan soon, but I wanted to ask about our children.

We have 3 children who were all born in the UK, and currently have dual-nationality (British-Japanese). I have no intention of coming back (though we'll see!) but I wanted to know if our children could ever return with the same rights as an "ordinarily resident" person would have? More specifically, I want to know if my kids could go to a British university in the future without paying the substantial foreign student fees, and if they could freely travel to the UK as a British citizen, apply for jobs, etc. I'm guessing that they can travel here freely, visa-free, but that the normal rights are taken away unless they have lived in the UK for 6 months or something?

Dual nationality In Japan is only permissible up to the age of 22, at which point they must renounce either their British or Japanese citizenship, and so I want to know where they stand for that period up to their 22nd birthday so that I know what options they may have. I know everything may have changed at that point, but at least I'll have a good reference point to start checking again in the future.

Kind regards