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    Thread: Health insurance?

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      Health insurance?

      Long time watcher, first time poster! What is the general consensus on health insurance in the UK? I've been out of the UK for 10 years and have heard horror stories about the NHS. Does anyone have experience of buying a policy and what to look for?

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      To be honest I would ignore 50% of the horror stories and take the rest with a pinch of salt. The NHS isn't perfect by any means but no countries health system is but our experience of it 1st hand and recent events with family and friends certainly leads us to believe it is fine. Much like here in Australia you could get private cover but the State system will take care of you otherwise.
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      The media does exaggerate stories about the NHS, but myself and my OH have had health insurance for years and so haven't actually seen any of the things that are causing a stir, like waiting lists and hospital bugs.

      If you have no idea of the market I would advise using price comparison or a broker like www.moneysupermarket.com or www.tescocompare.com, I've also looked at www.activequote.com who had good reviews. You could also go direct to the insurers, the big names are Aviva, Bupa, PruHealth and AXA PPP, but there may be smaller ones I'm unaware of. Also, here is an advice page from this website: http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/ins...alth-insurance which would be good to get you started.

      If you can get health insurance through your employer you definately should take advantage of it! My partner has always a fully comp policy with Aviva including cancer cover for free, although it was taxed.

      Hope that helps :) I see that you are coming from France, what has made you decide to return to the UK? We are looking to retire to Spain in the next year.
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      Really according to me health insurance & term insurance is very important & everyone should buy it. To know more about benefits, advantages of insurance policies you may check out https://www.businessmantra.site/reasons-why-should-amit-buy-a-term-insurance-plan.html
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