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    Thread: Hi all!

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      Hi all!

      Hi. We want to move over to the uk. We have been living in France for the past 15yrs,and have had enough! Anyone out there from the uk that could tell us a bit about what it's like there now? Originally from scotland but are thinking about moving near Edinburgh (have never lived in that part before) Is it really as bad as what we hear people saying? Most people we meet have not lived in France for long,so are looking at it through rose tinted glass's. Us, on the other hand have been 100% in the system and way of life here. It's not at all the same kind of life that the retired people have here,and so would like to go back to our roots to find some happiness and a bit of quality of life instead of rotting away here. Would like to hear yor comments on the uk? Thanks. Nic. x

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      Hey Nic,

      Good luck with your move back, hope I won't be too long before I'm back there either

      IMHO It's still the best country on earth, no matter what anyone else tells you ;)