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    Thread: One of the few

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      One of the few

      Hi I am one of the few who will be returning back to the UK after 40 years in Germany
      I need to know what do i need to do
      where must i go to reg and I have no job so I will have to sign on ! But where ?

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      I have lived in Germany since 1979 it used to be ok but since the fall of the wall it has gone downhill and also the Euro has put all the prices realy up and the wages have stayed down .
      I would not pull England down it is the place I went to School and I even Joined its army for 9 years .YES it has its problems but so do the rest of the world .
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      message from the UK

      Hi. Brand new member here. There's two reasons I've joined the forum. First of all most of my family live abroad in New Zealand and secondly I'm back in rainy UK where I am CEO of a law firm that specialises in helping people and businesses move and trade overseas including people coming back into the UK. I thought that you might like to have a contact back here where you can gain access to the current position quickly, where you can get the low down on what it's really like here at the moment - it still has the odd up side! - and if I can point people in the right direction then good show! Couldn't finish without a proper brit phrase now could I! Let me know if you could use an eye on the inside. Now, at the moment we're seeing a big surge in interest in people (mainly Europe) looking at the UK both from an investment point of view and people looking to come back - house prices have tumbled, and the exchange rates are very favourable. Brian

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      Hi Brian
      I arrived back in May after living in South Africa for over 30 years, came back as the crime was just getting out of control.
      I am finding it very difficult finding a job, not sure if itís the area I live in, or if itís just me. I am beginning to lose all my confidence; I just have to remind myself that I have actually not attended an interview. The agencies seem absolutely useless and job searching on the net is a nightmare. I am a Financial Manager and was working directly with the Financial Director and the CEO I am not an accountant, just have loads of experience.
      I know it was not a great time to return with the Financial crisis, but I am here now so no turning back. In desperation I am working in a call centre and am currently earning 50p more than the minimum wage. Any advice

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      Andy Chapman
      First of all i would like to welcome you all to this Forum, so hello Stu, Brian & Lainy.

      Good luck, Stu & Lainy in finding work and to Brian for that valuable information.


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      Florida Redhead
      We are approaching retirement, although I can still keep my self-employed status as I am a one-woman business with two angles - Notary Public, and Housing Damage Inspector during disasters.

      We are lucky as we both have dual US/UK Citizenship. I also have Irish Citizenship.

      I recently claimed my Pension from the UK, it is reduced because I did not pay full stamp all the time.
      However, I was told by a US Social Security Official that my US Pension will be reduced because I'm receiving a UK Pension.
      It will also be taxed as part of my "Worldwide income".
      He stated very firmly that if I tried to hide income, the IRS would find out and the penalty is jail.
      I don't mind paying my fair share of tax, but I think this is unfair and outrageous.
      I worked 26 years in the UK, paid my taxes and Insurance, paid full stamp for 20 years, and self-employed for another 6.
      I have worked in the US for 17 years, paid tax, Social Security, Medicare etc. My husband served 22 years in the US Navy and has worked 26 years since then. And yet we're going to be taxed to the hilt on our retirement!
      Maybe we should have sat on our backsides and lived on welfare......

      On the IRS site it states all US Citizens and also resident aliens MUST report all worldwide income to the IRS.
      The US has a Tax Treaty with the UK and most other Countries, which includes mutual reporting of all income.
      When Clinton signed the Treaty, he said the purpose was to protect Citizens from paying dual tax......that's a bunch of hogwash! It's a way of spying on each others' citizens.....making sure they get every drop of blood.

      So we are now looking at where to have our domicile. We can spend the Winters in FL and Summers in the UK.
      But what would be best tax-wise?
      We have no family in the US since my in-laws died. My son, D-I-L and grandson are in Surrey, my brothers are in Yorks, cousins in Ireland.
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      I'd be interested in how this works out for you Martin and Florida Redhead - we are just starting out on trying to sort out our long term finances. I don't have any pension scheme in the UK and I am looking at doing a reversve mortgage when the time comes on our UK property and bringing that income into the USA if we are still here. My husband has a pension scheme but we have no idea how that will be taxed. We are also looking at doing an international mortgage on our property and again I have no idea what will happen with taxes on that one. I too am self-employed but I am currently restricted to working only in the UK which I've been travelling backwards and forwards to do and wasn't aware that if I pay taxes in the UK that it is classed as worldwide income - I don't have a social security number here in the USA so how does that work?

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      Beetle returning to the UK

      I so want to go home, from the USA.. I am a green card holder and wonder that if I take dual citizenship can I leave the USA on my US passport, but enter the UK on my UK one??? I hate the thought of being considered an American by my own Country

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      Going Home

      OMG Scouzer I kno how u feel. I want 2 go back 2. I think it's illegal to exit on one passport and enter on your other. If you have dual nationality and one of those is USA you MUST the USA leave on that and there4 enter the UK on it too.. scarey!.

      My question is that if my Green Card lapses do I still have to file USA taxes??

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      Question US Retirement benefits

      I am not a US Citizen but I currently have a green card. I want to return home to the UK permanantly, to care for my mother who is ill.
      I phoned the Social Security number and was told that to claim my social security retirement benefits whilst abroad I must retain my Green Card. If I return home to the UK how can I renew my Green Card and thus continue to receive the benefits that I am due???:huh: