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      Returning to the UK with non-UK spouse, aiming for both of us to work

      Hi all
      I am new to this board, and I suspect this is a common question/theme, so before flaming me, please do direct me to any sticky threads or FAQs or anything else. A search throws up so many different posts with different circumstances,. I guess everyone's unique. Plus the sands seem to be shifting all the time as regards immigration.

      Anyway, in as few words as possible, here is my situation:

      1. Been away from UK for 16 years.
      2. Most of that time has been spent working in senior mgmt positions and I have all documentation, taxation stuff, etc. plus references and so on. But I am NOT currently working and have not been for 12 months.
      3. My wife is Indonesian. She works as Director of Communications for a large five-star hotel here and has held senior management positions for about 5 years. She is 33.

      She earns approx GBP30k pa and we have about GBP5k saved up.

      4. We have one 3yo child who has dual nationality plus another on the way.
      5. My parents are old and sick so we're looking at how to get back to the UK to help out with them.

      Specifically we need both of us to be able to work pretty much as soon as we hit the ground. There will, of course, be some time looking for work and finding somewhere to live. I hope to do most of this from overseas, and my wife can apply for jobs from here too.

      Also, what's the difference, if any between a visa and "entry clearance"?

      So... Where to start? It's all pretty daunting.

      Many thanks in advance of any helpful replies.
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