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    Thread: UK Recovery Watch

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      Hoff to Oz
      600 TSB bank job losses announced and 3,500 post office jobs are going. Some good news and some bad, along way to go before the uk turns the corner, we do employ about 30 million people, so it isn't all bad.

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      From what I read the UK unemployment national average percentage is still less than the US, which is good news for the people back home.

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      Yes it is. The number of people actually claiming unemployment is dropping and has been for awhile. In some areas unemployment is only a few % but the blackspots make the overall picture look worse. I would guess it is the same in the US ?

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      Try Florida at 11.5%. Not fun for anyone that's looking for a job, however signs show that things are on the up.. at least unless the effect of the petrol prices and the sitiuation in Japan take it back down.
      Cutting the amount of time that people can claim unemploument benefits is another way they'll manipulate the figures here.
      We kind of go State by State, and then there is a national average for the whole country. Of course a national average doesn't help if you're in a State where it's high, because you're directly affected.

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      The manipulating of the figures goes on everywhere unfortunately. This is a comment I saw posted elsewhere
      'So 8,000 fulltime positons get cut and are replaced with 4 times that number of part-time positions. How is that full employment?? My husband has been out of work for 14 months.'
      The problem here is that the 5% figure is bandied about when in actual fact the real figure would be considerably higher. Being employed is working 1 hour. I'm not saying it isn't the same in other places before people get all indignant just that the figures are so obviously distorted.

      On the subject of distorted figures I thought this was interesting
      "It is quite amazing how a country in the developed Western world
      [a so called democracy] engages in data collection practices and methods of manipulating statistics which are on par with those in the former East Block and other controlled regimes, given that these guys are paid by the Australian taxpayer - who in turn is fed increasingly more and more fat lies, hence is dumbed down to the max. The media or the limited mechanisms of it which there are frantically jumps in to publish this rubbish, as there is nothing more exciting to print besides the daily gutter gossip. 5% - but not according to the last OECD reports where overall Australia and Australian practices fared rather alarmingly!"

      This is NOT anti Australian it is just the facts. I actually live in this country and can see things the way they are.
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      This article makes you realise how hard it must be in the UK after enjoying the throw away boom years for so long.

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      Yes, it sounds as though that story mirrors the one here. It's certainly tough all round that's for sure. Boom years always come back to bite people.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Hoff to Oz View Post
      3,500 post office jobs are going.

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      Quote Originally Posted by chris955 View Post
      Its sad to see the core what was staple jobs going, but I supose the UK has to do something to cover the debt.
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      Quote Originally Posted by peacock View Post
      Its sad to see the core what was staple jobs going, but I supose the UK has to do something to cover the debt.
      Yes it is sad to see happen for the people that work there. I know a few people that worked for the Post Office since they left school, and 3 of them are out of it now with volountary redundancy. They seemed to do ok from it. Closing post offices and triming the organisation down was something that was being talked about in 2000, so it's hardly surprising to see it actually being said now. Realistically, a private company would have looked at ways to make themselves more efficient years ago.

      Anyway, it's happening here too http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/...n7329142.shtml

      Didn't I see something last year that said Australia Post was going to be closing 400 plus locarions too?
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