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    Thread: What would make you return?

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      Hmm, probably the only reason for going back would be if something happens with my family.

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      Quote Originally Posted by moving2melbourne View Post
      The only reason I would go back would be for a good british curry
      On a serious note there is nothing we would go back for, unless one of the family members were seriously ill but then as it would cost so much for all of us probably only one would go back. Moving here was the best thing we did and we have never once had doubts about our decision in the 4 years we have been here
      OK you got my taste buds goin - What is it about your local curry house or in our case 20,000 of them {Rusholme Manchester - The Curry Mile}
      Can somebody fly out a chicken madras with all trimmings and a bottle of Kingfisher to Toronto

      Andy + Team :daydreaming:

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      If you live west of Toronto, try going to the Fergus Tandoori Grill (Fergus Ontario) - it would stand the test in Glasgow, so it is a jewel in the crown here!

      AS for what would make me return to the UK. After about 7-8 years here, my previous wife and I decided that we would go back by 2000 at the lastest. Unfortunatley we got divorced so it never did happened! It was not any one thing in particular that decided us, just that we were certainly not any better off (quite the reverse) beiing here and I for one has experienced what I (we) had wanted to - I had tried Canada and given it a good shot.

      Anyway circumstances change - the new wife is born and bred here - and is more difficult to convince!

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      Quote Originally Posted by Mark and Jo View Post
      Before you left did any of you say... "If such and such happens I`ll go back"
      I ask as we hadnt said anything like that and we have just postponed going back!!!!!!
      Hi all
      I feel a bit like an outsider here at the moment as I am not in Aus but wanted to join in and hopefully it wont be for too much longer.

      We got our Visa yesterday as no doubt by now everybody will know and i asked John what would we do if it didn't work what would bring us back and he said a BIG NOTHING would bring him back apart from the fact as we are older if we didn't get a job and eventually run out of money but we have worked out we could stay a very long time Ha Ha but he still wont let me retire hard task master that one.I am trying for Part Time.

      Like Cal said Aus is a big place if its too hot for us in the Gold Coast/ Brisbane we would move down to Adelaide we just know in our hearts this is the right thing for us to do hopefully we will feel the same once we are there

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      I would go back to look after my parents but then I travel to and fro the UK a fair bit for work so it wouldn't be such an upheavel. And we've already agreed my husband would stay here til things settled down again.

      As for the health thing. It's costly here but are you aware of the rules in th UK? Chances are you could be asked to foot the bill if you go back. This is one article that was forwarded to me by a colleague in the UK. :policeman:


      Not sure what the case is but it might be worth checking out before you count on it as you're back-up plan.

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      What would make us return?

      In a word......Obama.

      Plus the imbeciles in the Senate and House.

      Yes I know, the Politicians are no better in the UK!

      Realistically, it would be foolish to go back permanently, as my husband has benefits here from his 22 years in the US Navy.
      We have good health care (unless it gets taken away) and we will have 2 pensions each from here.
      All my family are in the UK including my precious grandson who will be 2 in May.
      So when we retire in 21 months we want to spend more time there.
      Our ideal would be to spend our Summers in England and Ireland, Winters in Florida.
      But I've learned......anything could happen.
      My brother always says "If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans".

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      For me, not much. I left the UK in '95 and moved to Ireland, the country 90% of my family were born in. I don't miss much the UK that I couldn't get in Ireland (food, TV, pubs etc).

      IF I moved back to Europe it would be to Wexford in Ireland.

      I doubt that will happen until I hit 60 or so but the only things I can think of is if the US got into a MAJOR war with someone like China or failing that if Palin was elected President. The issue there being that the planes would be full!

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      If Palin got elected President then I'd definately go back to the UK before she even got in. I think the US would only be full of the people that actually liked her, and who would want to stay here among people like that? ;)

      To answer the question though, yes, I would go back there permanently, and definately will do once the time is right.

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      Euro Millions or when I retire. If I could afford a base here and in the UK and afford to flit between the two it would suit me.

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      There are lots of things making us go back to the UK, friends, family, business, villages, pubs, food, etc etc.
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