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      Australia ranked the world's best place to live

      The results of two surveys have been released over the past week and Australia has come out on top in both.

      NatWest International Personal Banking (IPB) Quality of Life Index

      British expats still living the dream down under but the Eastern promise tempts

      • Australia is top for British expats
      • 87% of British expats in Australia intend to remain there for the long haul
      • China jumped six places from 11th to fifth position
      • UAE remains one to watch
      • Europe reaches bottom of the Index for the first time in seven years
      • A third of British expats in France would move back to the UK

      Life down under is judged to have the ingredients for a happier, healthier and wealthier life, with nine in ten (89%) British expats in Australia reporting an improved quality of life according to the seventh annual NatWest International Personal Banking (IPB) Quality of Life Index.

      The ‘Quality of Life’ study was carried out for NatWest International Personal Banking by the Centre for Future Studies between May and June 2014 among 1804 British expats. The study reveals for over eight in ten (82%) British expats in Australia the number one reason for them being there is the better environment and quality of life for their children, with a further 73 per cent also having seen their health improve. Over two thirds (68%) say they are wealthier, reporting an increase in disposable income since moving to Australia and a further 88 per cent rate the state of the economy highly.

      For over eight in ten (84%) Brits, the Aussie sunshine is one of the top five reasons for living there, so much so that 87 per cent will remain in Australia indefinitely, with 26 per cent of the expats living in the country, already retired.

      Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Regional Well Being

      Australia edged out 34 other nations to be considered the best country in which to live. Australia beat out Austria, Belgium, Canada and Chile to take top spot in the national rankings.

      The findings were revealed in an interactive online report measuring regional well-being by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

      The report focused on nine measures to gauge well-being; income, environment, housing, jobs, health, education, safety, access to services and civic engagement.

      The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) beat NSW, Victoria and 297 other global regions as the best place to live in the world right now.

      The ACT’s average income was the highest of any state or territory in Australia and ranked among the top 4 per cent of the 300 global regions identified by the OECD.

      Compared across all OECD regions, the ACT is in the top 4 per cent for health, top 4 per cent for civic engagement, top 9 per cent for environment and top 10 per cent for access to services.

      The region also fared well for jobs, ranking 1 in Australia and among the top 6 per cent worldwide, with an average employment rate of 71.9 per cent and unemployment rate of just 3.9 per cent.

      Indicators such as income (7.3 points), health (9 points), environment (9.5 points), safety (9.8 points) and civic engagement (10 points) pushed Australia above the rest.

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      Must be all that sun, beer and BBQs. Doesn't sound like a bad life to me. Especially with the weather the way it is today

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      Nice! Surprised why the ACT comes out on top though?!