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Apply for Club Membership

  • Are you a club /association that is involved currently with assiciation or looking to join a credible association.
  • Would you like to join the Premier Karate and Martial Arts Organisation, such as the INTERNATIONAL BUDOKAI KYOKUSHINKAI KAN as recognised in Japan.
  • Would you like to add prestige and credibility to your club?
  • Would you like to take advantage of our services such as, International competitions at both Kumite and Kata, Coaching programmes Referees programmes as well as 'Summer Camps' and Waterfall Training

We offer Insurance services and much more such as recognition by Japan.. We can offer a Dan Grading facility via our Technical committee which comprises of some most senior and foremost Karate-ka.
(Please note: Clubs can apply for this affiliation once leaving their existing Association).
ALL new applications for membership must be submitted on our "Application Form" which, upon receipt, will be submitted to the board for consideration. Decisions will normally be made within 30 days or receipt of your application.Benefits that your Club and the members of your Club can enjoy with the I.B.K ENGLAND

  • Recognition of World, European, British Karate Federations
    INTERNATIONAL BUDOKAI KYOKUSHINKAI KAN is one of very few World Kyokushin Karate Federations recognised in Japan.
  • Eligibility to many I.B.K sanctioned International competitions
    Many I.B.K sanctioned competitions are available to I.B.K national federation members, in England this is the I.B.K ENGAND
  • Club Courses advertised on I.B.K website
    Generate more interest and exposure with a wider audience.
  • Club listing on I.B.K ENGLAND website
    Recognition of Association member status.
  • Eligibility to enter individuals into prestigious Junior and Senior Championships.
  • Access to ‘instructor coaching’ programme
    Dan Grades recognised with accredited documentation
  • Facility to attain senior Dan Grades where current grading opportunities are restricted, usually for 4th Dan and above
  • You may also be interested in reading our 'New Members' Pack' which summarises all of the relevant information about the I.B.K

Club membership is .........FREE.
All we ask is that the affiliated clubs/associations in England and ExPats host Shihan 2 times per year, this is to get together with Instructors and students to meet each other and to train and study any technical aspects.
Definition of a 'Club'
  • 1 Recognised Sensei, (Min Age 21, min grade Brown Belt/1st Dan)
  • All dojo's must use the same club name and logo, venues not to be within a 25 mile radius

Membership subject to usual checks and provisional membership.

Membership Fees
  • License Fees as per your own rate.
  • Clubs are offered Provisional CLUB Membership for 12 months then if they are accepted they can become FULL CLUB MEMBERS

  1. IBK England Full association membership
  2. IBK England Provisional association membership
  3. IBK England Full club membership
  4. IBK England Provisional club membership
  5. Overseas and EXPat Affiliation

New to any country and not sure where to start when it comes to finding and making friends and picking up the hobbies you’re used to at home? Often, both come hand in hand in NEW lands, with many expats gathering in similar areas for networking and socialising.
There’s only one thing for it – check out the local activities and get stuck into the group that sounds most like ‘you’.
Social and Sporting Clubs
Most social clubs offer pools, gyms, restaurants, youth camps and classes. Clubs are a fantastic way of meeting other expats and will provide an instant network. Likewise, if you have experience in karate or any other martial arts ...we would like to hear from you to organise a club to affiliate with I.B.K ENGLAND this an excellent way to meet friends with similar interests. Hire of premises does not need to be expensive, try to meet current members and ask about the different facilities. Also do some comparisons of locations, membership rules and prices.
Except for a clubhouse and facilities, associations offer many of the same social benefits found at clubs, without the expensive membership fees. They are a great way to get involved in the community.
Associations/Clubs are generally linked to nationalities, although citizens of any country can join. ......as well as locals, which encourages integration
“If I could do one thing over, I would jump right in and make friends. Even if you believe that you will be here only a short while (we all did at some point!), join an association and introduce yourself to strangers.
Everyone has been in your situation and is very happy to welcome new faces and friends.”
So we would like to hear from you, if you have a background in karate,martial arts or even just start a club to learn self defence, fitness etc this could be JUST WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR


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