We've received the following media request

Hello here
I am an Audio Biographer which means that I record people’s life story on audio so that their family and friends can still hear their voices and memories long after they’ve passed away.

I wondered if you would be interested in featuring my work on your website.

My company is a social enterprise limited company, I work for profit and for charity and offer my services free of charge to those individuals who are terminally ill.

My work has so far taken me across the UK, Northern Ireland, Europe, Gibraltar and Malta.

I’m now keen to extend my work much further afield and to focus on Brits Abroad who live and love thriving in far flung places across the planet.

Can you help me please ? I would welcome your advise about how to reach out to potential interviewees.

Barbara Altounyan
The Audio Biographer
Brown Eyes TV
York & London