Fish are currently producing a documentary commercial for a major UK food brand. We are seeking to cast expats with family living in the UK who unable to see them as much as they would like.

The premise of the piece is bringing a family together for a meal around their dinner table having spent a period of time apart. We want to follow the story of e.g. mum or dad working abroad ideally in a beautiful/atmospheric looking area of the world wanting to return home to see their family after a period working abroad. We want to film the journey, anticipation of returning and the coming together of the family for a home cooked meal that our audience will relate to. Any emotive stories that may add depth to the characters would be greatly welcomed.

If you are working abroad or have family that have been abroad for a while and would be willing to share your story please get in touch. Initially we just want to hear your story and get an idea of where in the world your family is and what they are doing to assess your suitability for the project.

Many Thanks

David Ashby - Researcher/Assistant Producer
Fish Films
0207 636 4100