If you are planning an international move in the near future from the UK then make sure you avoid at all costs using Doree Bonner as a removal firm. Just pick any other firm.

Their salesman, Paul Dodds is nothing short of a craven liar who duped me with various assurances during his home visit. These same assurances that he completely disavowed later when we disputed over £2000 of “hidden” extra costs.

But of course it was too late for us. At that stage, Doree Bonner already had over £8000 of our money and of course all of our belongings in storage at their warehouse. We didn’t exactly have much leverage :(

The support staff we experienced were verging on incompetent with multiple spurious invoices being sent. Each of which had to be scrupulously checked by me and then challenged with facts before being reluctantly revoked. The most extraordinary was a demand for over £1000 because our delivery address was “over 30 miles outside city limits”!!!!! I was incensed because (a) their was no mention of this limitation in ANY of their terms and conditions and (b) our address was NOT outside of this fabricated limit. I ended up having to PROVE that the address was within 30 miles before the invoice was revoked. Escalation to their senior management served no purpose either since they simply closed ranks.

But they got me in the end when they demanded an extra £1200 for “extra packing and shipping” costs. This is despite that (a) we had paid for the sole use of a 20ft container, (b) were assured of no extra cost, (c) the inventory and estimate was completed by their staff and (d) all of the packing was completed by their staff.

So what went wrong? Why the extra cost? Their guy did the inventory. Did he under estimate? Their team did all the packing. Did they have unexpected costs? Their support team calculated the shipping charges. Did they get it wrong? Their management look at the balance sheet. Did they decide they weren’t making enough of a margin on me? Who knows? All I know is that if I wanted to receive my belongings then I was left in no doubt by Doree Bonner that I had to pay the extra invoice.

So here I am, nearly £10k poorer and a little wiser.

Please don’t repeat my experience. Use someone else for your move,.

Happy to provide more details if anyone wants to private message me.