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      Capt John

      Anyone know about NHS care if you return?

      It sounds like the NHS is trying to be absolved from caring for returning expats? Anyone know anything about how to avoid such hassles.

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      Andy Chapman
      Not really John & i'm not too sure where you would find the anwser.

      Oh & by the way welcome to the Forum.



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      Hi John,

      The NHS has already put that policy in place that if you are out of the country for a certain period of time you will only receive emergency treatment on your return and you will be expected to foot the bill for your medical care.

      The first I found out about it was from a friend referring me to a news article


      I think you can still pay National Insurance contributions while abroad and I've found this website quite useful


      but I would recommend getting back in touch with your previous doctors' surgery and checking if you would still be considered as a patient of theirs if you carry on paying NI contributions.

      Nobody seems to really appreciate it until you can't use it anymore!!

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      Andy Chapman
      Well done Traveller, youv'e come up trumps once again.