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      Andy Chapman

      Can Never Make My Mind Up

      Long, long time ago when i was in my 30's i enquired about emigrating to Oz but the point system let me down and put me off.

      I do, now i'm nearing retirement want to emigrate to either N Z or Oz, i'll know as it nears my time.

      What i fear most is the very close friends i have, i have no immediate family just brothers & a sister and i know i shall miss them all very much.

      I know of 2 families that have returned to Blitey after spending just a year away, maybe they never gave it enough time, who knows.

      Is there still a point system to retire abroad. I have no worries about money as i have 2 properties in the UK which i shall sell to pay for my retirement. I make friends easily so no problem there either.

      What are your views.


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      Andy Chapman
      Sheena sorry, just found your reply.

      I contacted www.gomatilda.com today and have left a message.

      Another thing i should ask is where abouts is the best in your opinion
      State or city to retire to, i have been thinking of Perth.

      Thanks for being so patient with me

      Andy XX

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      hello Andy, age does play its part in getting here, we came over on a contributory parent visa, and we used http://www.australiamigrate.co.uk/

      this was because they could tell us we could apply after my son in law had been back in australia for 3 months, elsewhere told us we had to wait two years. They are very good and they will advise, but I guess all the agents know there stuff. Good luck anyway and let me know how you get on.

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      Andy Chapman
      Thankyou both very much.

      Matilda rang today, i need a business investment of $500,000 for 4yrs
      and savings of $500,000 + an income of $20,000 this goes up to $750,000
      on the outskirts of Perth to retire in Australia.

      It seems all too much, so maybe i'll have a rethink and retire somewhere else.


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      yes I knew it was quite a sum Andy, need to buy a lottery ticket.....the winning one

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      Andy Chapman
      I wonder if there are cheaper places to retire to in Oz because
      i don't really want to go anywhere else, especially since iv'e
      joined PIO & Brits Abroad, you all seem so happy there.

      Maybe i picked the most expensive place without realising it.
      I'll drop them another email.

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      Andy Chapman
      Just dropped Matilda another email.

      Yes i have rellies in southern Australia Sheena but
      we lost touch when both our fathers died in 1996.

      Will have to see my mother and see if she still has his address.

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      How close do the relatives have to be in Australia - I mean, if you had a cousin, a second cousin, a great aunt - would that get you in?

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      Well, I was going to post a new thread about oldies retiring to Oz but find andy did it already.
      Now I realise this thread is 2 years old but.......

      Have the rules changed two years down the line?
      Is it possible for people to retire to Oz without having to win the lottery first?
      Did Andy make it to Oz?
      Does anyone know anything that could help me or any other person wondering the same thing?