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      Talking of retirement although not at that stage yet, id really like to grow some roots in Malaysia. Until we spent 3 months there i had no idea what a great place it is.
      The food is amasing and very cheap, the climate is great all year round. It has everything you need with some great shopping ladies.The people are warm and friendly, there is no problem with language as they all speak really good English and you have a good mix of cities versus some of the most beautiful coastal areas i have ever seen.
      A lot of expats retire to Penang or a quieter place called Langkawi.

      I am still a sucker for Spain though, not so much the coastal areas but inland a bit southern end. We once nearly bought a Cortijo up in the Alperjares hills of Costa Tropical, it was so peaceful and beautiful but we got wind they were going to start building some road nearby so we pulled out

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      Andy Chapman
      Ahhh Malaysia Doz, one place i would love to visit when i retire and maybe
      spend a few months there before deciding where to settle in my old age.

      A lovely country with out this this world views & cuisine for all tastes.

      Still 3yrs before i reach 60 tho Doz, so i will have to be patient.

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      Yes the food there is fantastic Andy, id live there for that reason alone lol
      Think you would like Penang and Langkawi, we were going to move there with work but will now be staying longer here then on to Seychelles but id still be happy to settle in Malaysia.Fantastic place.

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      Andy Chapman
      Wow you do get around Doz, i will certainly keep
      Penang and Langkawi in mind for when i do visit.



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      Langkawi is a fabulous island but, if you are talking about retirement (i.e you'd be getting older eventually) you need to think about the practicalities - easy access to shops, doctors, hospitals. I think Langkawi is terrific for a holiday but retirement (certainly older retirement) could be difficult. I know, I know, difficult to think in this way if you're 20s, 30s, 40s.

      As you say, a lot of expats retire to Penang and there's probably a better infrastructure for oldies. The MM2H scheme seems like a good retirement visa too.

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      Yes, i agree with you there, on a practical basis Penang would be the better option where as Langkawi is pure beauty but minus some of the amenities

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      Andy Chapman
      Then i'll just have to visit before i make my mind up.

      One thing i do wish for in my old age is
      good health which means everything,
      even more than the place i retire to.

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      Yes Andy, i would visit first and for sure good health has to be top of the list

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      Doz, or anyone come to that, have you been to Melaka? I've never been there but it sounds like an interesting place - so much history and a big Eurasian community. When I lived in Singapore, we had a number of Eurasian friends and they're such good fun - really nice people.

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      No never been to Melaka or really know much about it to be honest, hence im off to google some info on it as im now intrigued


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