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      Doz (or anyone else for that matter!), which parts of Malaysia have you visited or lived in? Did you go to KL and did you like it?

      I visited KL city centre a couple of times and, have to say in all honesty, didn't like the place (well apart from the food of course). I gather that the suburbs can be nice? Have some friends living in Petaling Jaya and they seem to like it there. Must get down to visit them one of these days.

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      I lived in Bangsar a village outside of the city centre of KL. Its a really nice place, i loved it there. Great shopping, really nice bars and restaurants, i agree the food is just amazing. We lived in a apartment up a hill overlooking Bangsar village and Kl centre, stunning views especially at night. I'll try and dig out a couple of pics.
      Visited the Perenthian islands, my goodness what can i say, stunning!

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      Went down to Penang last month for a short break and what a great place - not all what I was expecting. Terrific local people (all races) though it's majority Chinese Malaysian there. Great food of course Quite a lot of expats there - some working, some retired and everyone speaking English - yay!!!! There are shades of olde Singapore about the place but it's got its own character too. Lots of history in Georgetown (named after our own King George III). Looking forward to going back soon.

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      Penang here we come

      Well we've done it. We applied for MM2H (the Malaysian retirement visa) and got our approval letter through. Don't know how long it's going to take for us to move out of Phuket but hopefully before next summer.

      A 10 year visa - yay!! And renewable on the terms you went in on. You also don't need to be retired - different entry level/requirements for any younger folk.

      If anyone wants any info, fire away, and also take a look at the following websites.

      Malaysia My Second Home
      This is the official government website. Full details of the visa scheme.

      MM2H Malaysia My Second Home Forum - Index
      This is an independent forum (doesn't sponsor anyone or any company). Just a lot of good information and real people who are going through the process or been through the process.

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      Andy Chapman
      Hi Skink.

      So your on your way to Penang good luck i hope it all goes smoothly for you.

      And thanks for the links will keep them in my favs for future reference.


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