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    Thread: Parent visa

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      ANN S

      Parent visa

      Can anyone help us please. We are both retired 69 & 72yrs old.We have our only Daughter very happily living in Australia with our 3 young & only grandsons. We also have 1 son 45yrs living very happily in Bulgaria & does not want to move, & 1 son 48yrs living with his 2 daughter & 1 grandchild in the UK & does not want to move. We desperatley want to retire to Australia & live near our Daughter & only grandsons. The problem is the Balance of Family Test. Our son living in the UK is over the age limit & unskilled for acceptance to Australia, not only does he not want to emigrate to Australia, Australia would not accept him. Both our sons are in full agreement to us living in Australia. But because one of our sons lives in the UK we would not be allowed to emigrate, & are denied the chance to spend the remaning years of our lives being near our only daughter & grandsons, who all want us out there. I know that grandchilren do not count in the Balance of Family Test but if it did we would have half of our family living in Australia. We think that this is very unfair. Does anyone know of a way that we can get round this ploblem. WE do not have much money & will not be able to afford to fly out to Australia for very much longer. Is there a visa that we can apply for or any one that we can appeal to on compasionate grounds. Help us please.

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      Hi there.

      I dont think you can appeal on compassionate grounds on a CPV visa as every parent would be doing it!! lol!

      Are you eligible for any other visa? TO be honest, I would say the parent visa or retiree visa is your best shot. Why not hop over to pomsinoz.com and talk to us there. Gill (gollywobbler) on there is a parent visa fountain of knowledge and Alan Collett on there is also an agent with Go Matilda! Have you talked to an agent? Most do a free consult?
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      Andy Chapman
      Good advice from Joanne there Ann. Welcome to the Forum.
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