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      Access for Dummies

      My name is Murdo, an old fool who kids himself that he understands MS Access and along with his buddy Jose, we have gotten ourselves into a right mess! Apart from both of us being stubborn, our problem is that we cannot see straight anymore, we have dates everywhere, and in all formats, but are lost as to how we can link Excel data, Access fields and pure common sense to sort out our wahala (as they say here)! If anyone thinks they are clever enough to help, please give us a shout! Cheers, Murdo:no:

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      Andy Chapman
      Hi Murdo thanks for introducing Yourself and i'm
      sorry to say i haven't got a clue what your
      talking about, so i suppose that rules me out
      helping you.

      Good Luck hope you get some answers to
      your questions.


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      Access Wizards

      Hi everyone and any self confessed Access wizards out there who love a problem? Kind regards, Murdo