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      Angelique Parry

      Advice from Expats on moving to Marbella with Children

      Hi Everyone

      We are an English family living in London who are considering moving to the Marbella area.
      We have 3 children aged 8, 6, and 3 and I suppose need to know everything!
      The things we have identified as important are a safe, welcoming area to live, which is close to the sea but also to a good school and is not too far from shops, restaurants, bars etc (the odd spa???)
      In essence I suppose we also want to know what the lifestyle is like out here and whether as an expat (maybe originally from London) you can recommend life in this area of Spain?

      Any advice really gratefully received.

      Thank you!


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      Hi Angelique,
      Have been to Marbella many times. Its a great place but to live around that area one needs to be in a good financial position. The reason i say that is because Marbella/Puerto Banus is where the wealthy and some famous people like to be. Therefore the costs are higher than other parts of Spain. You will certainly pay more for meals out and drinks and unless you head inland a bit property prices are higher too.There are some beauiful little villages slightly inland and not to far from the beach front and ive heard that schooling there is very good.

      Puerto Banus is nicer than Marbella and a fantastic place for a night out and to people.There is Sotogrande and Puerto Duquesa slightly further down and both very nice coastal places but again very expensive. I fell in love with Puerto Duquesa, i still dream of having my yacht moored up there......when i get it!!!!!!