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      A big hello to all expats

      Hi all, I am originally from hertfordshire in the UK. I have lived in Florida US for around 28 years. If you are wondering if I still miss the UK, Yes I do!I even miss the british weather and I love the BBC, the dragons den, being human, etc and british moves. I own an online Maternity and baby boutique mind-thebump.com. I have three grown children and two persian cats. Pebbles and Woolie.

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      Andy Chapman
      Big welcome to B-A FG.

      My fav programme at the moment is Dragons Den. New series started 2 weeks ago.

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      Hey Floridagyrl

      You can't still be a Brit after all this time surely? ;) Just kidding.

      I'm in FL too. I know what you mean though, I haven't been here in Florida nearly as long as you, (been here since 2003) but miss the UK a lot of the time. If wasn't for BBC America, and WEDU I'd go crazy for a fix of English News and some decent tv! ;)

      I miss the culture and the history of the UK, the people, the sense of humour, the tv programmes (definately better tv in the UK) and I miss going to football matches (yes I mean proper football, not the NFL stuff that they call football here) and hearing the results with people that are actually care what the football scores are, the food, and yes even the British climate.
      Honestly that's only a bit of what I miss.