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      Andy Chapman

      Bonjour, Merhaba, Hello

      Thought i would introduce myself as i joined yesterday and found this to be a great Forum which has a brilliant Arcade.

      My name is Andy Chapman i live on the South Coast of the UK near the city of Chichester.

      I run my own carpet and upholstery cleaning business which has been going since 2001.

      I am 57, and now single and love it.

      I have a property in Turkey near Alanya and visit once or twice a year if the business is slow which it usually is in the early Spring & late Autumn.

      Would love to retire abroad, but not to Turkey, still haven't made my mind up. I think we get ripped off in the UK for everything and we don't even have the weather so why stop here, they are my thoughts and i'm sorry if i have upset anyone.

      I have spoken with Sheena through the Forum and she really sounds like a nice person, anyone else that wants to PM me, i have a good ear.:realmad:

      Sorry i seem to have waffled on a bit but Sheena made me so welcome and suggested i Introduce Myself.

      Oh & one other thing, i'm a little crazy :goofy: and a bit of a joker. I like to have the micky taken out of me and i also like to give it.

      Bye For Now


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      Word of warning! I would take what Sheena says with a big pinch of salt!!.
      Oh and by the way, welcome to Brits Abroad.


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      Andy Chapman
      You all sound like a fun lot, thankyou for the welcomes, much appreciated:yes:

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      Quote Originally Posted by sheena View Post
      we are a fun bunch here!!

      Well apart from Sheena. SSHHHH Don't tell her but she thinks she fun and helpful, but it's not true......

      Wait for it, wait for it...... Here it comes.... Cue Sheena:twitcy:

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      Andy Chapman
      Hey Frank i see i have competition on Space Invaders.

      Well done for your high score, i see you say it took roughly 2hrs.
      Don't forget there is a pause button which should stop it for you,
      i used it and paused the game for an hour so if you want the Lav
      or something to eat, press the P on your keyboard.

      I'll have another bash next week.

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      Hello and welme, I know Sheena, have met her and her family, not met the dog yet. She is an ok gal and very friendly, Don't know Frank but may meet him someday. I know little about N.Z but what I know i did not like, we were over there to pick up our visa so only saw a little of it, Auckland needs a total revamp i think, and i got a very nasty bite there and nearly ended up in hospital so have my reasons for staying away.
      We live quite near Sheena and its lovely we have great neighbours and the weather does help a lot. We came from the shetland islands so its a little bit of a contrast, but I do love it. We came over on a contributory parent visa subclass 173, where in 2 years if we stay we give government more money.
      Have a nice day and click my chicken when passing