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      clematis69(Tina from Lincoln u.k)

      Hi everybody,
      Just to let everybody know a little about myself,
      Me,Hubby and my 17 year old son are thinking of selling up everything and moving to spain.
      Anybody done the same recently,who can recommend a nice part of spain,and some do's and dont's.
      Many thanks Tina.

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      Many thanks for that Sheena. x

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      i chose spain,as it's not too far from here,and my daughter doesn't want to come with me,but she will visit.
      I also love the sun,and the weather here is rubbish.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Gday and welcome to Brits Abroad.
      Most of us on here seem to be in Australia, but that's because most of us have crossed over from Poms in Oz, which is run by the same person, Tim.
      People from all aver the world are joining all the time and passing this site on to freinds, so more people in your neck of the woods will be on here soon.
      What about OZ. Our mates have been here 4 years and left a daughter at home (she's now 22). She's been to visit 6 times and has now said that next time she comes over (Christmas) she's not going back.
      Don't worry too much about the young ones. We were young and indepentent once. At 17 18 did you do everything your parents said? I doubt it.
      Spain is nice, I have to admit. Do yourself a favour though. Learn the language. You will be respected so much more by the locals. Don't just put yourself in the a "little britain" area.
      Best of luck

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      Welcome we are also in Aus. Lovely place to be