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      Wink creative arty girl new in cordoba

      hi there
      just registered and thought i'd say hello to all you brits abroad and put the feelers out for some tips and tales of life in andalucia. just moved here two weeks ago and am working as a tefl teacher in cordoba. loving the city, it seems great.
      things i'm interested in and would be greatful of any information.
      jewellery and craft making supplies
      flamework glass bead makers
      bead shops
      samba bands
      community groups
      if you can help please feel free to divulge your wealth of information into my inbox.
      happy times

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      Hi all,
      just registered and would like to say 'hello' to everyone. we are just starting out on our journey to oz. we are looking at brisbane and would appreciate some advice on location, schools, jobs for oh etc. I am paed, nurse and we are going through a nursing agency. have been told there are vacancies at Mater Hospital in Brisbane, so would love to hear from anyone who already works there. Also what are the best area's to live, we would like to be just outside Brisbane but not sure of where or commute times etc. My stepdaughter is doing A levels and would need to complete 2nd year in oz any advice here please. Sorry to ask so much but new to all this, though been thinking about it for years.

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      Welcome Steph and Lynne, im sure you will find many answers to your questions here

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      Hi Steph - hope life goes well in Spain. Can't help you with sourcing materials in Spain but don't forget the internet - I'm a sculptor so I use it sometimes for materials. The artist forums are a good place for checking if a website is legit and just chatting to other artists.

      Hi Lynne - this is definitely the place to ask any questions you want and nobody gets tired of trying to help, especially Sheena! I think we should start running a weekly 'challenge' to test her encyclopedic knowledge LOL!!

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      Haha! Good idea Traveller

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      And we are Sheena, truly we are :yes:

      Hey, congrats on hitting 1000 posts Sheena

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      Ha Ha

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      Sorry I didn't reply sooner but I've been working on Sheena's first challenge. Thought I'd start with an easy one so what's your knowledge on the binary system like then Sheena??

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      Oh heck, the binary system:eek:

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      Nice one Sheena!

      Now, can you translate all that into english please! Lol!


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