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      Tee Hee!

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      Quote Originally Posted by sheena View Post
      The binary numeral system, or base-2 number system, is a numeral system that represents numeric values using two symbols, usually 0 and 1. More specifically, the usual base-2 system is a positional notation with a radix of 2. Owing to its straightforward implementation in digital electronic circuitry using logic gates, the binary system is used internally by all modern computers

      We are going to have to block her access to Wikipedia if this is ever going to work!!

      Does anyone else think the sun might be making their brain go to mush or is it just me? I'm re-reading a book I used when doing my teacher training (not that many years ago) and I don't think I've managed to get through a page without having to read it twice!

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      Think ive always had a problem with my brain :yes:


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