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    Thread: Electrical Assistance 4 Australia

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      info 4 u

      you cannot do any qualification that's recognised in Australia from the UK.
      you apply to migrate that application is done via Vetassess. part of this application then see you invited for a trade test in the UK. if you pass the application proceeds.
      when you get here depending on the state you intend to reside in you can apply for a "Restricted" electrical license & i do mean restricted your not allowed to work alone at any stage.

      when you get here i would be applying to the TRA in Australia to have your current UK qualifications converted to the Aussie standards this certificate is ONLY to recognise your UK skills its NOT a license to work as a Spark. the migration agents so not tell you all this, so if your expecting to work as a fully qualified spark on arrival its not going to happen mate.

      when you get the TRA cert you then apply to the nearest tafe (College) where your living & enrol on there electrical pre unrestricted electrical course each state is different so is the time lines of the courses, in Melbourne you can do a 14 x week course x 1 night per week so you would have to enquire at the Tafe. then when you have done that you can apply to the state regulators RTO to sit the state required exams. when you pass them your Ok to apply to Energy Safe of your state for the full unrestricted electrical license. how long does all this take well bank on a good 6 to 10 months, so you may be looking for other work when you get here until you have completed all exams.

      if you intend to work for yourself then after the exams you must do another course the electrical contractors business course that's again 1 x nights per week x 12 weeks or they may do a block all day course for about 5 to 10 days you shall have to ask at the Tafe's.

      if you going to live in Brissy have a look on British Expats site register free & search for Stev'O he is a great bloke & has lots of very good info on how to go about it all, but you must be able to listen to him & absorb it all, forget your UK qualifications over here they are only good for the TRA cert, Steve shall give you fantastic information.


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      Hi, have been reading through all the posts and its been a great help, Im a electrical fitter that worked on the electricity network in the UK, and left to go travelling. Im looking to do this work again in Australia, havent done it for over a year and half, yet I have 4 years experience..basically to get my old job back here Id have to be here for years/long term, as its a lot authorisations to work on the network. Going to an expo show on emmigrating there soon to find out more..its just me and just want to go out there and get working in my previous role but there. How do I go about doing the same work in Australia?...also thought about doing an advanced electrician course, but theres no point in doing it here when my aim is to work there, any advice? Much appreciated and thanks for tips on previous threads!


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