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      Expats living in India - Can anybody help?

      I am living in the UK and have an unusual request. I am the proud owner of a Bajaj Autorickshaw (tuk tuk) which is my pride and joy (sad I know!!) I recently had a throttle cable snap and need to obtain one. The problem is, whenever I enquire I always get told the same thing; we will send you one, if you order 500!! I am a private owner, it isn't a business, and my lovely little tuk tuk is 300kg of immovable pressed steel!

      I thought I had solved the problem when I went to India and brought back a suitcase full of spares. Unfortunately they were stolen. Hey ho, such is life. In essence, I am looking for some info as to where I can obtain a small amount of spares direct from India retail not wholesale. Or even if somebody would be willing to buy a throttle cable (they cost literally pennies) and send it to me. This is NOT a phishing scam, I am not interested in bank account details, addresses, personal details etc etc. I would of course be willing to pay commission to anyone willing to help. I would even pay up front via a money transfer order. Thing is; I am DESPERATE to get my tukky on the road asap, especially while the weather is nice.

      PLEASE somebody out there in India, if you can help, I would make it worth your while.


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      What make of engine does the tuk tuk have in it? They're just an adapted motobike engine usually, so logically, if you know what kind of cable it is I'd suggest that maybe a motorcycle shop there in the UK or somewhere online maybe able to help you out. A cable is a cable- surely it's only the length that makes the difference? I'd speak with a local motorbike shop and see what they have to say first.
      Afterall, as the saying goes... it's hardly rocket science... is it ;)