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      get me out of er

      Hi im new to Brits Abroard, just thought id say hello to any1 who has thuoghts on living &working in Canada
      Im a carpenter/joiner with 25yrs experiance in all aspects of the building trade.Not to be rude but ive had enough of the UK & the way things are today
      do'es any1 now what my chance's are...of working in Canada...?
      Any thuoghts would be much appreciated many Thanks
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      Hi scouse we too are looking to move to canada, my oh is also in the construction industry, he is a steel fixer and has been doing abit of the shuttering joinery for the last 4 years. If you go to emigrate2 they are looking for carpenters and joiners. Look in the jobs there are several in need of chippies. Good luck!!!

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      hi Del thanks 4 that,
      how long have you been thinking of Canada as a place to emigrate to...do you have any relatives over there &what made you think of Canada...?Sorry 4 the questions,just want an insight into some1 who has the same thoughts as myself
      Have you made any applications for work visa's
      many Thanks Scouse

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      Hi scouse we have been thinking of moving to canada for the last 4 months. A friend of oh moved out there 2 years ago and he has never looked back. Plus oh said the construction industry is laying of so many men. Alot of oh friends have all come out of the work, they are all saying the same there is no work!!! At one time you could finish one job and goto the next, but they are all finding it tricky to get work. Oh friend who moved to canada is also a steel fixer and he says there is work out there, oh is like yourself he has 24 years in the trade, he also has a 360 machine ticket, have not looked into a visa as of yet. Are you thinking of going over on temporary working visa???

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      hi Del
      Ive got a step sister/her husband over in Alberta & they've been out there 4 3yrs hes a lorry driver(long distance)& found work b4 they went,they bought a property within the 1st couple of months & not looked back....
      There now onto their 3rd property & say they'ed never come back to the UK to live...THINK THAT SAY'S IT ALL cos they would'nt of been able to do that over her.
      Do you know if going on a tempoary working visa is quicker...? If so yeh

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      I am not sure, I think it is quicker. I do not know much about these visas. We need to find out some more information aswell, can be abit confusing.

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      Could you go over there on a family visa then if your step sister lives out there??????????

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      Andy Chapman
      Welcome to B-A Scouse.

      Some usefull advice from Del there, you could
      also troll throught the Brits In Canada Threads
      and see if there is an answer to your questions
      there, good luck & a good choice.


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      Hi Andy C
      Thanks 4 the reply....yeah Del's info was handy & the threads you mentioned gave me an insight into what to look out for.
      I'M looking into the fact step sis is out in Alberta & what the connection will make to any visa application.Fingers X It will make a bit of a different.
      Looking at some of the pic's with the winter snow look's very apealling (great for sking &boarding)
      Thanks again for the info