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      Smile Get me outta here!

      I am currently stuck in the UK. I (along with my husband and son) would LOVE to move to America. We hate living here in the UK - we have a corrupt government and things are just getting worse here. Fair enough the "global economy" is suffering too, but our government are making things worse than they need to be.

      Our council tax has gone up by almost 5 per cent - all our utilities and other bills have increased, and yet our income has not increased. We are lucky that we can afford it - but we HATE living in the UK these days.

      I have considered Canada, Australia and other places - not keen on Oz - don't like the creepy crawlies!!!!!!!! Canada sounds very nice - not too keen on the very cold weather though (being Scottish I want to get away from that).

      In my heart I have always wanted to live in the USA (from when I was very very young). I love the people and the way of life - and I would love Barrack Obama to be my President - he is fab!

      My hubby is a video and audio editor and I am a legal secretary (my son is a lead video game tester).

      Fingers crossed that something comes up that will allow us to get out of the UK. I'd hate to spend the rest of my days here!


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      Hi Jax and welcome!

      Have you looked into possible jobs and employers and which visas would be appropriate for you to try for?

      Visa Home

      While I certainly don't share your dislike of the UK I love it here in the US and wouldn't want to returrn to the UK right now. Hope you have success with your plans.

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      I Jax!
      what part of Scotland are you from??
      I thought all governments were corrupt LOL
      I would like to know exactly how bad living in Scotland is??
      I'm from Vancouver,B.C
      I'm bored of it but it's also because I've lived here my whole life I have been to Glasgow and London and also Cancun Mexico. I was thinking about staying a year in the U,K but i deffenatly need some advice. I find it hard living here minium wage, everything is going up price too because of the new ressisson all the food is higher, rents are insane more and more low income people are being moved to the outer regions,The city wants only rich people or tourists. I think the weather here sucks , but it is the best city for weather in Canada!! woohoo The WET COAST! I own more umberellas then shoes!
      I'd like to be in the U.K for a year and see all the cool historical buidings,castles,sites etc..
      There's not much for history here we only get taught about the fur trade and the indians(natives) in school besides Columbis. I think that it a big reason why Canadians want to learn about their ancestors. I think the oldest building is about 120 maybe.