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      Cool greetings from england!

      hey all, i'm a newbie, and i'm looking to move to the states to work and/or study. thought i'd come here and chat to like-minded people! :goofy:

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      Andy Chapman
      Welcome to the Forum mudhoney.

      We have a few members in America and others that are thinking about the move so your in good hands.
      Look thro the brits in USA Forum you might find some usefull info there.

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      Hiya Mudhoney and welcome to Brits abroad! Good choice on the country to move to - we love it here!

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      Hey Mudhoney

      (like the name btw - big fan of them!)

      You'll need to decide what you want to do before you apply for the visa to come over here.
      Whether it's study or work, first you'll have to arrange the visa to allow you to actually reside here while you do it.
      More information on your qualifications would give some of us a better idea on what you might find easiest.
      Try this site USCIS Home Page
      That should be enough reading to get you started and give you an idea of what category you fall into.

      Good luck with it all!
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      hey guys, thankyou for replying right away! i've taken a look at that website a couple of times purple, and admittedly it gives me a bit of a headache, as there's so much information to take in. well, to fill you in, i've just graduated from university (here in england) with a BA degree in history. i was considering doing a masters, or a pgce course (teacher training) but i've always wanted to study/move to the states, and last summer i travelled from the west coast to the east coast and had the best few months of my life. i was really hoping to get back out there. of course i'd love to further my academic career, but if i was able to secure a job in the states first of all, well that would be fantastic too. just totally at a loss as to how i can go about all this, i don't really have any family/friends to advise me in this particular area - moving away isn't something people here on the island do often!

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      Hey Mudhoney,

      Yeah I get what you're saying. You've actually got a good base with having the degree, that's going to be a big bonus, hardly any real point in applying for anything over here without it if you're hoping for a sponsored type of visa.
      As far as the educational visa F-1 Student Visa: Education in the USA - Home

      Don't worry, plenty of us came over here from England. You're not alone.