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      hi Ive been searching the web for an expat site and found you guys:wub:. Love the site, easy to navigate.

      Im in the UK at the moment but preparing to move to either Iran or Dubai. Hmmm ... Iran I hear you think!! Iran was home once before so not unknown to me.

      Anyone out there from Iran???


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      Hi Javaneh and welcome! So how long before you go?

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      Andy Chapman
      And a big old welcome from me too Javaneh, nice
      to have you here as part of our community.

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      Hi Javaneh

      Welcome to BA

      I was due to work in Tehran back in 2001 but the job got pulled at the last minute. I was so looking forward to it after a 3 month spell in Cairo. My globe trotting days are over now but still regret not going.
      How long before you go

      Andy + Team Canada
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      Welcome Javaneh, i love your name

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      Hey thanks guys what a lovely warm welcome to the site.
      My name is iranian and means young bud or shoot, or it can just mean young depending on the context.
      We are aiming to move in the next few months...much to do here first, like selling the house etc. Its looking more and more like Dubai will be our destination, which is great as I wont have to wear hejab there. And Iran is just across the water when we like to visit.... so all is looking good.
      Andy how was your time in Tehran?? It used to be such a great place to live. I dont know about now though. When were you there?
      bye for now