Just read today that tough new regulations in Spain mean that many Britons can no longer access health care services there BUT those returning to the UK are being turned away by the NHS despite having paid National Insurance all their lives. Hardest hit will be those having taken early retirement and headed for Spain - until now they have been able to get medical treatment under a reciprocal agreement with the UK.....this is ending and those who have recently signed forms S1, which last a max of 30 months, will have nothing after that. The fact is that, now, those who have lived abroad for more than 3 months cannot just return to the UK for medical treatment - they will have to wait 6 months before signing on with a GP and then up to 12 months after that for any medical treatment or hospital care. Restricted access to hospital and medical care is to become the norm due to economic conditions and only private health care insurance would be of benefit.
Article in the Daily Telegraph - Saturday 17th May 2014 - page Y6 of the money section.