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      health insurance

      hi i am hoping to move to spain in january 2009 with my elder brother and was wondering what health insurance we would need,also being a diabetic is the tablets i need to take cheaper to buy over the counter or on prescription thanks stuart x

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      Hi Stuart,
      it all depends on your age!, if you are pensioners then it's just the same as the UK everything is free. If you are not of pensionable age then you can get a form from the Newcastle Benefits head office (they have a web site) which will give you cover for upto two years, depending on your UK contributions. There are other web sites for ex pats and they have all the info, but I found the Newcastle office to be very helpful.
      Private medical care over here is not as expensive as it is in the UK and you can always get a policy to cover you for major illnesses and pay as you go at the doctors for small things.
      Good luck.