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      Wink Hello

      Hi to everyone the forum.

      I have just discovered the fun of forums and I am having great fun
      chatting to everyone accross the world.

      Looking forward to chatting to you all.

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      Hi Sheena,

      I live in dunbar which is in East Lothian.
      It is a great place to live

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      Hi Sheena,
      Aberdeens great my son was at Stirling castle a few months ago with the school.
      Any rellies in East Lothian ?

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      hello shirley, i am from shetland, now in australia, i loved aberdeen, did most of my shopping there, and have great pal there also. Been here nearly a year now enjoying life with my daughter, son in law and grandkids. Welcome to the site

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      Hi Molly you must see a hugh difrence from the Shetlands and Australia.
      Have you seen rain since you moved ?
      We have had rain nearly every day since the end of July.
      Mind you the plants are doing well

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      Am in Scotland too - sunny - i mean rainy Dunfermline. Heading to Melbourne at the beginning of the year. Where you off to?

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      hi, Shirley yes we have seen rain but not really a lot, it was wet over xmas time and in january, but since then we have not had anything major. Yes a big differance to the island life, there you knew loads of people and had loads of friends , here there are loads and loads of people all nationalities and very few friends.
      Are you planning to move or are you just interested in meeting folk. The internet is certainly a good way to find people from all over.

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      At the moment I am just enjoying chatting on the forums but I am also curious about
      Australia, New Zeland ETC.

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      You don't have to appologise for not being Scots thats the whole point of me joining the forum is to chat to non Scots.
      Scots I can talk to anytime :-)

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      Welcome Shirley I am married to a Scot and he has family in Scotland. I am English and we both have lived in Aus for over 30 years now and we love it here. We love to visit UK but are always pleased to get back to our home here and consider ourselves Australian now as our children are Australian. We have seen much change over the time we have lived here.

      A lot of people think Aus is behind the times and it is in some ways but its not about being up with the latest things its about quality of life. Things do not wear our in Aus, cars last for over 20 years etc because of the climate. We like the weather, we love Melbourne to bits and we love the space. We love to get up to the high country alone and hear the birds and not see anyone its great.

      I always feel oppressed when I am back in the UK because there are so many people. Even though we live here with four million in Melbourne I never feel like that here because just an hour away is peace and quiet.
      Beaches with noone on them. Love it. We are solitary people oh and I.

      Today in Melbourne its very cold but sunny. We have had lots and lots of rain here and our tanks are full thank goodness. Need to see us through the summer.


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