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      This is how living in Jersey makes us feel.
      40% of our household income is taken before we even get paid, they have just put a 3% goods and services tax on everything, our electricity is about to go up by 25%, We have no choices over here its an island 5X9 miles so they wont let any of the big supermarket or budget chains in we pay over 230 per week in rent and that is in what they call in the uk council housing we will never be able to buy here because the prices of housing is ridiculous just the deposit for a house over here would pay for a nice house in the uk. So yes we want out like a lot of people we know we just cant afford to live here anymore. as soon as our daughter is finished her exams in june we want out. Think we will travel around for a bit 6 months here and 6 months there. We dont really mind where we go but we were thinking we could start off in France and work our way round Europe for a couple of years we have no specific plans as yet but we are looking at maybe the end of July or August. So anyone out there know of any jobs and accom going round this time please let us know. Both myself and my husband have bar experience and I have worked in Coffee shops and restaurants as well as being a hairdresser by trade and currently working in the finance sector here in jersey on a data input team so I have plenty of experience in different areas. My husband has years of experience in the plumbing trade and window cleaning too although for the past couple of years he has been working for a company that does all sorts of general building and maintanance work so he can turn his hand to anything, my daughter is good with computers and children so anything in those areas would be good for her. It would be fantastic if someone had a bar we could run for them but I supose that would be asking a little too much.

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      Andy Chapman
      Nice introduction Ria and welcome to BritsAbroad.

      I never realised how expensive it was to live in Jersey,
      seems like your really being ripped off over there.

      Hopefully some-one will be along to answer your questions.

      Good Luck, travelling seems like a great idea.


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      Hi Ria and welcome!

      I'd always been under the impression that Jersey was a wonderful place to live!! I really hope you find a route out - good luck.

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      Hi welcome to brits abroad,, i didnt know Jersey was that expensive, i can fully understand why you want out, Good Luck with everything and keep us updated
      Cal x

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      My goodness, no wonder you want out, it sounds so expensive there.
      I currently live in Vietnam and there are always jobs going here,not really for running bars but plenty teaching jobs available