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      hello from Beauvais, France

      Hi all,

      I took a temporary job in France which has now gone permanent, so I guess I'm an expat! Originally from Newcastle upon Tyne.

      Hoping for some much needed advice here! 21, never been abroad before and now I'm living here with a RHD English registered car!

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      Hey c2raig

      Welcome to the britsabroad message boards!

      That's great news about your job! Congrats on that :)

      Hope that you'll get some of the help that you need from our Euro members. Were there any questions in particular that you wanted answers to?

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      Thank you!

      Where to start?

      My major concern is about my car, if I am to live here permanently I would rather have a french registered, LHD car. I do not wish to buy one, rental is too expensive, how do I go about leasing one?

      Also, my boss has told me to find a furnished apartment as 500 a week for hotels is a king's ransom.

      And what are the legalities of working in france for a UK firm, getting paid into a UK bank account, paying UK tax? What do I have to do?

      Thanks again,


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      Some valid questions from you there, and hopefully one of our members here will be able to help you out. I'm not based in Europe, so I'm not much help personally.

      Have you spoken to anyone at work about where the best places are locally to rent an apartment, and to lease a car from? Your co-workers may have some local info that would help you out.
      I'd say don't rush into anything with a car until you know you're getitng the right deal, especially if you have your own car to get you around right now.

      Did you check online to see if any of the car companies lease, or what the rates are? I googled it quick and a bunch of stuff comes up for people in france with a UK licence.

      Whereabouts are you based in France?

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      I'm based about 100km North of Paris, but I travel between there and Rennes, Brittany. I'm there a couple of days a week.

      All I get if I google it is long term tax free car leasing, but it is only open to NON-EU citizens, and being from the UK, I am from the EU so I can't take advantage of the offer.

      THanks agian :)

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      I'm sure that something will work out for you with the car and apartment.
      Usually takes a few months to get to know the way things work generally in a new country anyway, so don't get too stressed or impatient about things right now. Everything's new but you'll work it out.
      Like I said before, maybe your work colleagues or your boss could point you in the right direction?
      You might try calling into a couple of the car dealers too and seeing what they can do for you. It's where people go to look for lease vehicles in the UK and here in the US.

      All the best! :)