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      Paintbrush Hello from birmingham...

      hello all, really impressed with this site as its just what Iíve been looking for. Iím 25, a plasterer by trade and have lived in Birmingham UK all my life and have a massive interest in live abroad eventually, probably not for another 6-7 years but in that time me and a friend have plans to test out a few places/countries hopefully taking out work visas for a couple of months here and there. At the moment our main interest is California

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      Hello, thanks for the welcome.

      Well there will be Australia at some point too and I think weíd be pretty open to most places although we do want to take our trades with us to find work as plasterers, that is really central to our dreams at this moment J

      How long you been over there? is it everything you hoped for?

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      Andy Chapman
      Welcome to the Forum iand83 hope you find all the answers your looking for if not just PM Sheena and she'll point you in the right direction.

      Enjoy B A


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      Quote Originally Posted by sheena View Post

      www.immi.gov.au loads of work going over here etc, so you should get a job no problem if you decide to come here!

      haha - i really like the sound of that!

      thanks for the replys again people!

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      Hi iand83,
      welcome to BA, im sure you will find lots of helpful answers to any questions you have, here.
      I lived up the road from you before moving to Saigon, im a Derby girl born and bred

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      hello Doz :), wow saigon sounds like it would be quiet a change!

      thanks for the welcome