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      Idea Hello! Boston or LA?????

      Hello! I need some advice here. My husband returned home from a meeting last night with his boss who was over from the States. He has been given the opportunity to go over there fo a couple of years and we have a choice of either Boston or LA. Neither of us has been to either city and I've not even been to the States! We have a six year old daughter to consider too. We feel now is a fantastic time for us to take up this opportunity but to just where!!??

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      Hi Sheena, thanks for your reply. Yes, we are excited. My husband came home from work this evening and is definately keen to give it a go. Our current thoughts are for LA. He's met some of the staff from there and got on well with them and we like the idea of living in a warmer climate. So if it is to be LA it would now be a case of where in LA. His office is based in Universal City. We've both spent the evening in front of the tv with our laptops checking out the various areas! Oh, and our daughter says she'd like to go too!

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      Mark and Jo
      LA better with kids I reckon. Universal City is pretty accessible via highways - always busy tho as they are in the US!! I have been to LA three times now! We stayed out in Long Beach which was about 40 mins from where the office will be.

      The internet is your best bet but good luck and Im jealous!!! I love USA!