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      spiritual serentity

      Hello from Canada

      Hi all...I am wanting to move to the UK...the initial move was with my partner from the UK who was here in Canada of almost 2 years however there are a change in plans...moving to the UK has been my dreams since I was a teen...I can travel for 6 months there however I can not get a work visa...they have changed rules for ancestry visa'a and the time and cost invloved would be too long and too much...I have sent my education etc. to Naric for comparison evaluation...I would like to continue on with working with special and intellectual needs when I get to the UK.

      Anyone have any advise to how I can get started...I do understand I will need months upfront for rent and that is all ok...it is getting a job that concerns me...I am also qualified to work with family and could possibly offer private seesions with their children howevr I need a card to be able to work.

      I am lookimg for advice and trying to develop some friendships...I would like to be just outside of London but am open to any areas at this point...I truly need a sense of direction.

      Thank you for all that do post in return ...it is frightening but it is following my dream.

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      Welcome to Brits Abroad Serenity.

      I hope someone can come along and answer your questions very shortly.

      A newbie myself here so we are all in the same boat, but it has the promie of a very good forum.

      Cheers Mate


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      The months rent up front and a months rent as a deposit.
      How close to your partner are you? Is marriage an option?

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      Hi and welcome to the forum, where in Ontario do you live, it's a beautiful area, I lived there for a few years.

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      Welcome to the forum, enjoy your stay.