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      Hello from chilly Herts

      Hi there, my name is Rachel, I'm currently looking into moving to the states with my partner.

      I'm training at the moment to become a teacher though so our moving plans are kinda just dipping in here and there!!! I would like to move to the states and Simon my partner REALLY wants us to have a fresh start out there.

      He is a HGV driver and thinks he needs to re take his licence once we are out there, and I need to find out where my qualifications will put me when we go out there.

      We are both fed up of living in this country, the weather, and just the general rubbish way that our country that we should be proud of living in isn't that good, we are both from families who are english through and through. But we want to start our life together in a country that has a bit more umpf in it!!!

      I do hope this kinda makes sense and have been loooking at some of the threads that may help me answer a few of my queries!!

      All in all we both know it will be a huge up hevel but at the same time we are young enough to make a good go at it.

      So here we go!?!?!

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      Andy Chapman
      Welcome to Brits Abroad Rachel and good luck in
      your plans to get into the USA.

      Many threads on here already cover alot of help for people like yourselves


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      Hi Rachel and welcome!

      We made the move to California over a year ago and although it is a huge upheavel I can definitely recommend it so good luck with your plans! Feel free to ask anything you want if we haven't already covered it in the other threads or you just want to know about your own situation and I'll help as much as I can.

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      Thank You Andy and Traveller for your speedy response

      I'm not really used to using forums but am having to use them more and more for college work etc!!!! How old do I sound??!! but in using them more I think they are a great way of communicating and a quick way of finding out informsation fast!!!!!!

      So the point I'm getting to is....... Traveller could you post me the threads that may be of most help to me Simon and I have been looking at a few of them but if there are any that would be of real use could you please point me in the right direction thank you!!