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    Thread: Hello everyone!

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      Hello everyone!

      Hello everyone, I am Cath, Cathy, Catherine! my OH is Matt he is applying for a PR skilled Visa and has just passed the TRA.
      The Avatar is of me and my 17 year old daughter Robyn. She is already in Wynnum, Brisbane and I am (impatiantly) waiting for our visa so I can join her.
      I have another daughter Jamie 14 and we have a son Travis 7, and we are looking to live on the Redcliffe Penninsula.
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      Hi Cath, Good to see you on here. Bet you cant wait to be with your 17 year old again, is she at school or work in Aus?

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      Thanks both. Yes Kim I am counting the days to be with my baby! She is at school still and lives with my Ex and his new wife. I last saw her at Christmas, she surprised me by walking through the door on Christmas morning I had no idea and she arranged it herself and saved the money using her part time job wages and birthday money! She travelled all on her own!!!! I am so proud of her and can't wait to be with her. She will be 18 on Boxing day so I shall miss that and I don't want to miss anymore.
      I shall be an hours drive away which will be brilliant.
      Sorry I am rambling now!

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      It can't come quick enough really. I am glad to see also (because I have never been) the people who are loving Brisbane. She loves it too and always said that it was the perfect place to live except I wasn't there so hopefully keeping fingers crossed I will soon find out and she will get her wish!:wub:(love the new smilies!)

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      Well that will all depend on Mister Visa man! We have are submitting the application in about 2 to 3 weeks so how long is a piece of string?
      We have to sale the house too of course!

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      Thanks Sheena and the same to you and your family x

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      Hi Jayne how the devil are you?:wub: