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    Thread: Hello Everyone - A Newbie!!

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      Happy Hello Everyone - A Newbie!!

      I am Christine. Born in East End, London - raised in Billericay, Essex - lived in Norwich, Marbella (spain) and London again during my 20's - then 10 years in Portland, Oregon before moving to here, Clearwater, Florida ten years ago. Originally, married an english/american citizen and now myself have dual citizenship.

      More than happy to help anyone out!! Been back a couple of times over the years, but hard to get the time off work (much shorter holls).

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      Andy Chapman
      Hi and a BIG welcome to Brits-Abroad Christine.

      Yes i'm sure you can help answer the many questions about moving & working in America, that would be just great Thankyou.

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      Hi Christine,

      Nice to have another Florida-Brit around on here. :)
      Seems like there's quite a few of us here as members.


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      "hello my name is Simon and I hope you like my thinking " ...a rookie to the the site but not to Canada over 30 yrs in Niagara/Toronto now Nova Scotia but happily on the move again Florida bound. It's been asked elsewhere 'what do you miss' ?
      My first 25yrs were spent in S.E England, Kent ,Surrey, Sussex
      Well it's simple for me, apart from the pubs & a really decent pint.... it's the laughter
      a Canadian acquaintance of mine had been travelling Europe and he asked himself what he thought the difference is between the Continent and Blighty and on returning on the Channel Ferry he heard laughter and the source was a a bunch of Brits, this he did not hear in abundance on his Euro travels, this in his mind was the difference & the # 1 thing I miss most about the U.K.
      I'ts being able to have a good laugh most of the time and being able to understand inuendo... it's second nature to most Limeys. On my last visit home I noticed this exact experience while walking past a pub hearing the sounds of a bloody good laugh.
      I'm really looking forward to a move to South Florida and have already noticed many a Brit pub listed, let's hope the humour didn't get lost on the way and fall between the cracks !

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      Hey Simon,

      Not so much of a rookie when it comes to living overseas by the sound of it.

      All the best with your move down here to the sunshine state of the swamps and 'gators.
      It's not all bad, and it's not all mickey mouse either.

      There's a few Brit pubs around in Florida generally, probably because there're so many of us Brits down here.

      Got to agree with you, apart from the Aussies there's nobody that has a laugh quite like us lot. A night in the pub can be kind of a quiet affair if you're with a group that's all yanks. True, we're a bunch of natural mickey takers too, just try doing that to an american you just met! ;)

      Where abouts are you headed to in FL?

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      My wife who's a dual citizen CDN/US has a cousin in Coral Springs and I am into horse racing and thoroughbreds in general so possibly between Boynton Beach and Gulfstream, she can work & me ? well it means jumping through the immigration hoops, so for now I'm a snowbird until we get that sorted, I'm a life long entrepreneur living of my wits, I feel confident fate will be kind. My priorities are a laugh and a pint of warm beer...

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      Ah you'll be ok then. If she's a US citizen, she can file for you and get you into the immigration system with what shouldn't be too much of a problem. Good thing is you're already married, so realistically she files the application and you don't have too much hassle. Plenty of snowbirds here in FL in the winter months that's for sure.
      Not too sure about what it's like for Brit pubs in that area, I haven't been down there too much. You're heading a lot further South than where I'm based. :)
      I'd admire your priorities once you're there though!
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      Ahhhhh laughter!!!! There is something special about the British sense of humour!!! I have to say keeping up with a bit of British TV comedy keeps me sane and happy!!!

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      Quote Originally Posted by Ashcroft View Post
      Ahhhhh laughter!!!! There is something special about the British sense of humour!!! I have to say keeping up with a bit of British TV comedy keeps me sane and happy!!!
      Keeps me sane too... well up to a point

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      Hello everyone! my name is Gary. I hope you are enjoying your stay here


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