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    Thread: Hello Everyone - A Newbie!!

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      Hey there Gary, nice to see another member to our ranks. :)

      Where abouts are you?

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      Thread pretty fed up with the british scammers in Florida

      sitting here now for twelve days inside my home which i bought for cash in Vista del Lago and they are repossessing it because i wasnt able to pay ground rent...i wasnt able to pay it due to some pretty unsavoury characters charging some horrific fees for jobs they HAVENT DONE and also renting it out to people so that the bills are horific. everyone on here will be losing their homes thanks to some nasty characters...when i find the strength to get out i will make sure everyone knows NOT to use these couples who come over here and say they will manage ur home cheaply - they cant. dont rent ur homes out. dont use dodgy managers...u will end up with no home and no money!!! 12 days in here now surviving on bread and water....its the only way because i am not allowed to be in my home....

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      no i am trapped in my home in Vista del Lago with no food and no money thanks to british scam artists and american scam artists.......i am not allowed to be here as i owe lot rent...but supposedly my home hasnt been rented out according to the caretakers who have now got lovely big houses and big cars...i am so angry...maggie on 001-778-1666 hiding still.

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      Sounds like you need a foreclosure lawyer...

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      Quote Originally Posted by purple View Post
      Ah you'll be ok then. If she's a US citizen, she can file for you and get you into the immigration system with what shouldn't be too much of a problem. Good thing is you're already married, so realistically she files the application and you don't have too much hassle. Plenty of snowbirds here in FL in the winter months that's for sure.
      Not too sure about what it's like for Brit pubs in that area, I haven't been down there too much. You're heading a lot further South than where I'm based. :)
      I'd admire your priorities once you're there though!
      Dear Purple,
      Do you think I will have a problem going into the U.S from Canada with my wife and our household contents in order to find a home at a later date (my American sister has an ongoing petition filed) ?

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      Hey 9sheets,

      I'm not sure any of this is making much sense to me.
      So your sister is a US citizen and she has a petition filed for you to become an LPR? Is that what you mean?
      You said before that your wife was a US citizen, so why hasn't she filed the petition for you to become a LPR?
      You and your wife along with your household contents? What in? A truck or something? Too risky without a visa.

      I woudn't try anything like that unless you have the correct immigration paperwork in your hand from the US Embassy.

      Ask your wife to file the petition with the USCIS as soon as possible. You know it makes sense. ;)
      If you were confused with what you need to do, you could contact an immigration lawyer in the US to help you through it.
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