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      hello im new and a bit lost

      im currently living in the uk and really would like to move to the US.
      I really dont know anything about immigration or what part of the forum i should be asking a question in, would really appreciate it if someone could possibly point me in the right direction?
      thank you

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      Hi fonfe, and welcome to Britsabroad. :)

      There's a lot of information on the subject of immigration on the message boards here on this forum.
      If you are having trouble finding the America section, please just type the key words "forum america" into the search box (in the blue banner at the top right of the webpage),
      and select America from the list that appears.

      Take a look through it and post your questions in that section and we'll do our best to answer them. It would probably be helpful to you to do some reading through the threads there to get an idea of what other people have asked in case some of it applies to you.

      Check this link out as well - USCIS Home Page The official site for the US Citizenship and Immigration Service.

      All the best

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      Welcome Fonfe, nice one Purp.

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      Cheers, Tony. I try my best ;)