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      Florida Redhead

      Hello from Orlando FL

      Born in Ireland, I lived for many years in Yorkshire, then owned a bar in Palma de Mallorca for 5 years, then worked at LWT in London for 6 years.
      I met my husband in Mallorca.....he was born in England but was adopted by an American lady when he was 5 months old.
      He came to FL when he was 2, enlisted in the US Navy at 18.
      He retired from the Navy 22 years later at US Navy HQ in London, where he was stationed.
      We came to live in Florida in 1992.
      I have had many interesting jobs here, and am currently a mobile Notary Public.
      I am also contracted to FEMA in disasters such as Hurricanes, as a Housing Damage Inspector.

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      Andy Chapman
      A big welcome to Brits-Abroad F R and thanks for your help in the earlier Threads answering members questions.

      Hope you stick around


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      Hi Florida Redhead, I'm a California Blonde!!
      We got here in Oct 2007 and we've just become certified Disaster Service Workers - what with living on top of the San Andreas fault it seemed like a smart thing to do!

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      Hi Florida Redhead

      Welcome to BA, that was a very nice interesting introduction you gave there.
      Sounds like you have lead a very interesting life so far. Looking forward to chatting with you