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      Hello from South Africa!

      Well UK just at the moment. We're here for Christmas and New Year. This is my first holiday for more than a year too and feeling rather guilty about it. It wasn't until my son pointed out we hadn't seen him since his wedding that I realised that not taking a holiday effects everyone in the family on not just you.

      But what can you do? We have chosen to live abroad and we do what we do because we like it. That means time travels fast and before you know it the guilt of not keeping up with events and family spurrs you into action.

      My only regret is that I have been horribly let down by a shipping company who promised to deliver xmas goodies and other items for the family home here in the UK.

      After many excuses their latest prediction is they will be delivering everything between the 10th and 24th of December!

      Naturally, I am not happy about that. I have decided to blog about it, this being my first blog I'm rather proud of it, I just wish it could have been on a happier subject. You can see my efforts at http://www.sevenseasworldwide.info and please feel free to comment!

      On a happier note I am informed that plans to make me a grandfather are in place and there is absolutely no pressure on me to return to blighty for good! We'll see what Grandma think of that!

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      Hi and welcome to brits abroad, i think we all feel guilty about not staying in touch as much as we should sometimes , i think my family have got used to the fornightly call and xmas card,lol.
      Cal x

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      Hi kourinae and welcome!

      I've got Skype and I'm the best daughter in the world 'cos I phone home once a week, send flowers often and remind my husband to phone as well. Yep - you guys are making me look perfect - keep it up!!