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      Here goes ...

      Born in a small village in County Durham and dragged up there and in Durham City. I've also done some time (!) in South and West London before settling for a while in West Hertfordshire.

      11 years ago we got on a plane to Vancouver and have been here ever since. Now live in a small seaside resort just south of Vancouver - right up beside the US border.

      I'm an accountant by trade so can give some tax pointers to anyone thinking of moving to Canuck land.

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      Hey there Jonboy,

      and Welcome to the Britsabroad message boards.
      We get plenty of people asking questions about moving to Canada, so I'm sure your offer of tax pointers will be taken up before long.

      All the best!

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      Hi Jonboy, welcome
      Wish I had had the same "cojones" and migrated when I had the chance.
      Now my destiny is to watch others live their dream :(