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      hey all, be gentle I'm new

      Sheila here, new to all this so give me time and I will be up to scratch, currently planning a move abroad with the family, spain seems the likely destination, if anyone has any ideas on live over there I would be glad to hear from you :spinny:, thanks

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      Hey Sheila,

      and welcome to the Britsabroad message boards.

      Hope that you'll have some fun participating here, and that you'll get the information you need from our members that are living in Spain :)

      All the best


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      Hi Sheila,
      which part of spain?

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      hi, thanks for the quick replys sorry I havent been the same lol

      I've not decided on what part of Spain yet, I've heard your maybe better staying away from the likes of the costas and such but im not sure, is there anyone here that could recommend an area which is friendly and well priced?

      thanks sheila

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      Hey sheila I'm a newbie too - these forums are a whole new world for me, lots of useful information though! Good luckk!

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      Hi Henry, and welcome to the forum.

      Hope that you'll find plenty of information to keep you interested.
      Have fun participating.
      We all benefit from each other's info and experiences in the forum here, so if you feel like sharing any of yours we'd be very pleased if you posted them on the message boards to share them with us. :)

      Enjoy your visits to the site.