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      Hi i am new to this forum.

      I am emigrating to Vancouver in April 2009, i already have a job there.

      I am a bit wary about emigrating so if anybody has anything positive to tell me about Vancouver or even Canada, please feel free.

      Any news or encouragment is greatly appreciated.


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      Hi Rosalind we have a friend who left for vancouver 2 years ago and he has not looked back since.He said it is fantastic totally different to England a much better way of life atogether for his family they really love it and said they would never return. We too are looking into moving out there. What occupation are you in if you dont mind me asking. Any advice you can give us about job sites, would really appreciate it. I have heard it is best to get a job offer first. But so far keep running into a brick wall!!!! Good luck

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      Andy Chapman
      Welcome to B-A Rosalind.

      Vancouver i here is the best & most spectacular state to emigrate to with views to die for.

      It may be worth trolling through the Brits in Canada threads.

      Good Luck


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      Hi Del

      Thanks very much for your reply.

      I am a Mental Health Nurse, i got my job via the magazine Nursing Times which i receive weekly, they have an international nursing recruitment page,

      If you are not wanting to work in healthcare there is a site nasc_newsletter@aweber.com on behalf of NASC (newsletters@nascintl.com) they advertise for individuals with all different skills to work in Canada.

      If i can be off any more help please let me know.

      I have heard a lot of good things about Vancouver so im excited but wary. I will hopefully be there April 2009.

      Good Luck