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      Hi All

      I'm Dean from Newcastle UK, and i would like to move abroad as soon as possible.

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      Liz H
      Hi, I came from that area over 50 yrs ago. Where would you like to move to ? What is your present occupation ? What would you like to do in the future ?We need more information in order to help you .
      This is a very supportive group and there are many people in different countries who are willing to help.

      By the way -- Welcome to 'Brits Abroad '
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      Andy Chapman
      Yes a little more info or even a longer intro would be great.

      And welcome to B-A


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      Hiya Dean,
      Any idea where you want to end up?

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      Quote Originally Posted by traveller View Post
      Hiya Dean,
      Any idea where you want to end up?
      Sorry for the delayed reply a work different shifts so sometimes a dont come back online for a while, there is a few places i have in mind but i would say i would like to move to spain, my mother in law was living in la marina last year and i would love to live some where like that

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      Hi Dean welcome to brits abroad ,we lived in southern spain for a little while before moving here to Brisbane, i enjoyed Spain lots but the language barrier can be frustrating at times until you can speak fluently, good luck with everything
      Cal x

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