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      Hi, anyone out there a British expat in France?

      My wife and I are retirees about to start a new life in the Loire Valley, France. Nothing unusual about that - thousands have done it before us, but we're not here so much for a better life (although we hope it will be) rather to do voluntary social care work with a community project. Daunting but exciting! We are currently dealing with practical matters involved in settling-in and, amongst other things, wonder whether to bring our much-loved gas oven over from UK. Does anyone know whether it will work on the French town gas (not bottle gas) supply here? Are pressures and calorific values the same as in UK? Any advice would be appreciated.

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      Hi oasisjim, welcome to the forum. Has the manufacturer got a helpline? Might be worthwhile giving them a call, they should be able to tell you if the same model has been sold in France or if there's any sort of conversion - injectors, couplings etc which would be needed to safely use it on town gas in France.